Project April

finished in 2020.Q3

The subject of the APRIL Project was to develop a Lighting System (lamp family) equipped with Adaptive Presence Controlled Integrated and Regulated Lighting Modules. The project will develop a number of key solutions forming the System, which together constitute the innovation and originality of the solution:

Presence sensor – will be developed based on a photometric semiconductor temperature sensor

Mixing daylight – The emitted lighting will cooperate with an adaptive system cooperating with the light level sensor (photodetector – luxometer), thanks to which it will be possible to measure the illumination of the working surface. In the event of the emergence and complement of lighting by a stream of daylight (coming through windows, skylights, etc.), the adaptive system will regulate (ensure mixing) daylight with the light from LED lamps (the power from the lamps will be reduced to maintain a specific light flux on the working surface) , which will ensure energy savings while maintaining the preset lighting parameters of the working surface. Such a system will guarantee great comfort for people staying in the room, because the lighting intensity will be smoothly adjusted. The falling dusk will be compensated by artificial light emitted by LEDs, the aim is to provide the required illumination on the work surface.

Network integrating a set of lamps – Individual lamps in the room will communicate via a network created ad hoc during installation, then the network will be maintained, information about the light intensity under individual luminaires will be transmitted via “short radio” (e.g. ZIGBEE) to individual luminaires, transmission it will contain information on the level of illuminance at the measurement point, which will enable the lamp power to be adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Intelligent power supply – in terms of the efficiency of the systems, an important parameter is the power consumed in the standby state or in the state when the full lighting power is not needed, e.g. as a result of the detection of daylight illuminating the workplace, when the lamp power is limited to 5% to 80%. An intelligent power supply will be designed, which in the situation of reduced power consumption will also limit its own energy consumed.



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