Intelligent LED lighting systems,
equipped with AI technology

We produce lighting fixtures that allow in a friendly way
for the user to maximize electricity savings.

LED+Ai technology 

LED+Ai technology 

LED+Ai technology 

An innovative feature of the lamps is the ability to program their individual parameters. This allows you to minimize the lighting time of the lamp and significantly reduces energy consumption, extending the life of the lamp.

The luminaires allow the user to select one of the many functionalities using the remote control to best match the lighting to the mode of operation that is performed in a given room. Our company’s products enable the creation of a lighting management system that does not require additional software and infrastructure.

Advantages of Lars Lighting

Up to 50,000 hours continuous operation, due to the long life of the LED panel.

Reduction of CO2 emissions and no UV radiation

Reduction of electricity consumption and no flickering effect

Maintenance-free operation of the panels, immediate operation of the luminaires after their connection

High color rendering index, obtaining very good lighting for monitoring

Our products are a guarantee of reducing energy consumption costs by up to 93%

(and eliminate operating costs)

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The modernization proposal is in line with the EU’s strategic initiatives Ecodesign Directive and “Energy Roadmap to 2050”.

In our offer you will find
innovative and energy-saving products for:

Internal lighting:

  • residential and public buildings
  • offices
  • shopping centers
  • industrial halls and warehouses
  • universities and schools
  • hospitals
  • buildings of territorial units

External lighting:

  • streets
  • housing estate roads
  • car parks

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